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6 Lesser Known Surprising Facts About Russian President Vladimir Putin

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Russian President, Vladimir Putin, was an officer in Soviet Union’s secret police, in his initial days but today he is the president of Russia.

Well, here today we have come up with few lesser known facts about his personality:

#1 He loves dogs – He has a Labrador named Koni. He loves Koni so much that he takes the dog wherever he goes.

#2 His personal life is secret – Like all big leaders, no one knows very deeply about his personal life. He has two daughters from his divorced wife, and no one knows where they live and what they are currently doing.

#3 Love to The Russian language – Putin knows to speak English very well, but even though he doesn’t prefer to speak.

#4 Accused of Plagiarism – Putin was accused of Plagiarism.

#5 Love of Camera – Putin loves to spend time in front of a camera. He loves to act as well.

#6 Love of Macho Look – He really likes to maintain his macho look before people.


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