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Girl lost life because of Uber driver who drove recklessly

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Whenever we take an Uber Cab, the first thing strikes in our mind is ‘safety’ and ‘comfort’, but what we are going to share today will leave you in shock.

It has been reported that the 20-year-old, Kaayum Pegu, an English Honors student of Miranda House College, Delhi, along with her two friends, had taken an Uber Cab to return home late night from a birthday party.

The driver was drunk and was driving very roughly. All the three girls repeatedly asked him to slow down, but he didn’t listen to anyone.

Eventually, he crashed his car into a truck at 3AM.

All the three girls received major injuries and Pegu was immediately sent to the emergency unit as her condition was very critical.

Unfortunately, she fought with death for four days before losing the battle.

Other two friends are still very critical but doctors say that they would survive.

Meanwhile, police have launched an investigation to search the driver, who fled after the incident.


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