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Guy proposed his pre-school love unknowingly, got married

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Finding a soulmate who understands who very well is not an easy job but some people are really lucky.

Well, we are talking about the man, who unknowingly proposed his pre-school love and after they started dating each other, he came to know that she was the one, whom he loved in his childhood.


#1 Justin Pounders met with Amy Giberson via a matchmaking site, named match.com.

#2 He, at that point, didn’t know, who he was dating.

#3 He even told her girlfriend about his first sweetheart after the meeting.

#4 Months later the matter got disclosed when Amy’s grandmother came with her childhood photos.

#5 Then only, he came to know that who he had been dating all these months.

#6 He then proposed her for marriage.

#7 Currently, they are on their honeymoon.


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