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Man receives a bottle with a letter from 1823 at Portsmouth beach

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A man has recently posted an image showing what his brother had found when he was at Portsmouth beach.

The imgur profile, Thomas Crown 001, shared an image showing the bottle as well a letter which he claimed in the post to be of year 1823.

He wrote the description that ‘his brother has found a bottle, containing a letter which is amazingly written in 1823’.

However, several users commented on this, some said that this is fake whereas some asked more about this including whom this letter belonged to.

On the other hand a user presented some proof to show it’s a ‘fake’ – as he wrote “This is Brush Script MT, size 18 font on an A4 piece of paper. Go on, copy the text into Word, use brush script and change the size”.

However he soon corrected himself by saying it was actually a Violin Script.


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