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Shedding off unwanted calories with proper exercises

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A well-toned and brawny lower half will not only make heads turn as you walk past. At the same time it works well in enhancing your performance in probably every activity that you partake from running in the morning, during your exercises, or running around doing chores.

You can definitely go for this constructive plyometrics workout as it is especially designed for your butt and legs. And well the best part is that it does not require any kind of device too.

Well, what exactly is plyometrics then?

Plyometrics is basically an exercise style on a particular idea where in at regular short intervals explosive movements are performed. It helps to add up massive gains in terms of its strength and speed. The positive pat about this kind of exercise is that in a very short time span you end up shedding tons of calories and those who fall short of time, must definitely go for it.

Knee Tuck Jumps

Stand by keeping your feet parallel and hip-width. You need o then bend both your knees deeply and then shift your hips back and try lowering right down, until when you notice that the thighs are quite closely placed and parallel to the floor. Then start to swing your arms back by your sides.

Then jump off the ground and bring your knees right up to your chest area. With bended knees com down landing softly. You need to keep the chest upright and core while you are busy and engaged the while.

Squat Jumps

Stand by keeping your feet parallel and hip-width. You require bending of your knees (both) and then slightly shift the hips and then lower down until the time the thighs get parallel to the ground. Stay quite low and then try to jump of the ground slightly by few inches. You then need to land with your knees and then redo the entire movement.


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