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Uber Driver forced lady passenger to Get Off at some random place

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It was another Uber Driver experience, who forced a lady passenger to get off the car and that place wasn’t her ‘destination’.

According to the report, the lady was traveling with UBER. Everything was fine unlit her stop came.

She asked the driver, Tristian Storms, to stop, but didn’t stop the car. And after around 10 min of driving, he stopped at an isolated place and asked her forcefully to off.

When she argued that why he didn’t stop at her stop, he started getting furious and got off the car to kick her out.

By then, she had recorded everything on her phone, which eventually got broken by the driver.

Luckily, the video is taken out from the cloud and a police complaint has been filed.

Uber has by now fired the driver but the lady and her lawyer are planning to sue the company.


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