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Wrestling star Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka faces murder charge of his girlfriend

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The pro wrestling star Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, is facing murder charge of his girlfriend, who was mysteriously murdered in 1983.

It’s been reported that the grand jury ordered to get him arrested after the jury came on decision that he killed his ‘girlfriend of that time’.

Police arrested Snuka, a.k.a. James Wiley Smith Reiher, now 72, from his home at New Jersy, for third degree murder charge of his ‘that time girlfriend’, Nancy Argentino.

The jury explained that the Snuka was responsible for the fatal injuries, which caused her death in May 1983 at Whitehall Township motel.

Jury then added that the Snuka repeatedly assaulted her and left her on bed without even calling for medical emergency.

It was said that in 1983, Snuka had said that the injuries were because she fell on her head, which eventually caused her death.

The case was cold until the Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin reopened it following a newly revealed autopsy report.

The investigation continues and Snuka remains in custody.


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