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12 foods to kill your belly fat fast

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Hanging belly is a problem of many. Here are twelve foods which will help in reducing the hanging belly within some days.

There is no need to fast anymore or leave your stomach empty even when you feel too hungry. And put on your favorite dress to look attractive.


Choose any green vegetable and add in your food chart.



This fruit has the spot reduce belly fat quality. The hunger crushing fiber will lessen hunger and so less chances of putting up the belly fat.

Green tea:


Loads of antioxidants make you slimmer, attractive and also young for long.


All the three of your choice are here. The strawberries, raspberries and blackberries will help your belly get slimmer soon.


A perfect mix up of whole grain as well as fiber is ready to make you simmer. Make it tasty with strawberries, cinnamon or berries.


Fibers present in black beans, navy beans and also lima beans will burn your belly fat early.


The antioxidant present in cinnamon will store less fat in your belly.


Greek yoghurts are meant for helping to reduce belly fat.


No other food can give you the sufficient amount of protein except meat. But you need to stay away from red meat, please. Have turkey, chicken or other white meat.


Eggs will never give you any health issues. Have omelet and go for burning belly fat faster. Eggs are always loaded with vitamins and fatty acids along with minerals.


Being enriched with Omega-3 fatty acid, wild salmons help in burning calorie soon. This is regarded as one of the best belly burning foods.

Dark chocolate:

You need not have to leave all the sweet things or your favorite chocolates. Just switch them into the dark chocolates and you are free to have sweets.


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