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4 Crazy Gadgets that you must try

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With the tech-crazed world today things are getting easier. Different types of gadgets are there to make our life smooth and better.

From checking your blood pressure, rate of heart, and even sleep cycle, you can now use gadgets to stay healthy and fit. Let us go through some of the strange yet great pieces of technology which are indeed a boon for us and has completely transformed the healthcare industry:

Google contact lenses used for checking glucose:


When it comes to finger-stick tests, it is now a thing of the past for diabetics. And we are all grateful to Google for coming across with its extremely smart contact lenses. Google joined hands with Novartis, the drug maker, as they helped the tech giant to bring this great gadget to the market. These are highly developed and it can easily track blood sugar levels through your ‘tears’, yes you got it right, your tears.

Vibrating capsule used for improved digestion:

You may soon not feel the need to go for over-the-counter laxatives in case you experience constipation and that of a chronic one. In the Digestive Disease Week conference there was an oral capsule that was presented, which, when swallowed, will glide through the digestive tract and will start to vibrate around. It will vibrate six to eight hours later and these vibrations will help you with contractions. Thus it helps you to get over with chronic idiopathic constipation problems easily.

DEKA bionic arm quit useful for amputees

The DEKA Arm System is quite a useful gadget especially for military veterans and all those who have lost an arm and this is indeed a revolutionary idea. This wonderfully brilliant high-tech wonder works trough your brain signals. The moment electrodes get to notice ad pick up contraction of the muscles that are closer to prosthesis, they automatically hurl signals to the computer device in bionic arm and thus it translates to movement.

Sperm-inspired robots useful for IVF

In case anyone is struggling hard to get pregnant, a fresh new tool can be quite an aid. There are a group of robots which have been developed and are known as MagnetoSperm. This technology mainly relies upon magnetic fields thus at a certain frequency signals reach out to the tails and they start to move front and back, thus propelling them ahead and they finally reach out to the lining of uterus along with a fertilized egg in tow. Is this not a brilliant piece of innovation?


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