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4 reasons to eat more almonds

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Almost everyone likes to eat almonds. But many people love almonds not only because it tastes good, but it helps to stay healthy.

Almonds are good for pregnant women, school going children or for working women and men. It is a great energy booster; it helps to revitalize skin and develops memory strength.

Here are some points which we should concentrate:

  1. It is good for stomach:

If your digestive system is good, then you will be free from constipation and gas formation. Eating almonds regularly will help to improve your digestive system and save you from pimples. Almonds help to increase the gut bacteria of the stomach. The gut bacteria help healthy digestion and help you in having a clear bowel.

  1. Good for skin:

It nourishes the skin and makes you look fresh and younger. In many facial and body creams almond oil is used in large quantity. It contains Vitamin E in great amount which nurture your skin and give you a natural glowing soft skin. The Vitamin E capsules which are good for skin contains Alpha-Tocopherol. This element cures acne, pimples and marks on the skin. Almonds contain in great quantity Alpha-Tocopherol, so if you want a smooth and bright skin eat almonds regularly. It is good for skin related diseases.

  1. Almonds contain anti-aging elements:

Studies have proved that these great nuts contain in abundance anti-aging elements. If you massage your face and body with unadulterated almond oil, then wrinkle formation will be belated. Massaging with almond oil ease dark marks and dark circles under the eyes.

  1. It’s good for your heart:

It contains fibers which help your body to soak up the fat of the body. It has elements like Vitamin E, Magnesium and anti-oxidants which enhance the flow of the blood. It reduces the cholesterol level and maintains a friendly and vigorous heart.  It also helps to enhance the memory system and energize your overall body. It reduces the extra fat from the body and put your body in great shape.


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