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54 people died in a plane crash in Indonesia

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Past weekend a plane with 54 people crashed in eastern Indonesia and all people died. Despite of bad weather about 70 rescuers went there.

The voice recorder of cockpit and flight data has been found at good condition. These data could help in searching the reason of the crash. But according to Soelistyo all dead bodies were taken to Papua’s Capital Jayapura. The plane was going to Oksibil with five crew as and 49 passengers.

Papua is mostly covered with mountains and jungles. So, crashed planes had not been found there before. It was said that all passengers were from Indonesia including two from local parliament and two government officials from local office. Before landing this plane lost control and detached relation with airport due to strong winds, heavy rain and fog.

The relatives of victims burst out into tears after hearing the news. After this crash an apology has been released from the airline. The cause of the crash has not yet been known but investigation is still going on. The poor passengers including four workers have been announced total $ 468,750 in cash. Soelistyo said that money have been found by rescuers which were some scorched and will be handed over to Authorities.

Investor had tragic records of air crashes. In the month of December 162 people were died when AirAsia Jet went down into Java Sea due went down into Java sea due to the weather from Suralaya to Singapore. Indonesia has been struggling to produce more mechanics, qualified pilots, updated technology of airport and traffic controllers to ensure travellers’ security.


Indonesia Airlines have barred from going to Europe by European Union because of safety. According to Aviation Network’s database, Air service of Trigana had the record of 19 accidents from 1992 which caused loss of eight planes and 11 damages. Along with six Indonesian carriers this airline has been banned from going to Europe.


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