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8 winter foods to stay healthy

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These winter foods can keep you healthy. These are tasty yet healthy.

Apples: The best kind of apples is available only in the winter season. They have some very good qualities health wise, it is known to improve cardiovascular health and stops dementia.

Oranges: Oranges are available all the year round but the best quality is found in the winter season. Oranges are affluent in Vitamin C. This juicy fruit can be eaten whole or you can extract its juice. It improves our immunity system and it acts as a medicine against cough and cold. It is a natural antibiotic.

Spinach: This green leafy vegetable is best found in winter. It is highly nourishing and healthful vegetable. You can prepare a large variety of dishes with spinach.

Peanuts: These are also available the whole year round but the best kind of peanuts is available only in the winters. You will love to eat them in fried form, plain or salted. You can prepare variety of dishes with them. They are rich in protein.

Carrots: The best carrots are found only in the winter season. Carrots contain many types of Vitamins, such as, B, C, D, E and K. The carotene is later transformed into Vitamin A.

Kiwi: It is actually from New Zealand and it is a wholesome and is filled with Vitamin C. It is very tasty and juicy fruit, just add a bit of salt and you will love the taste extremely. You can use the fruit in making salads.

Chicken soup: Chicken soup keeps our body warm and you can be safe from cold and cough during the winter season. Make the best use as it serves as a natural medicine; it is tasty and very beneficial health wise.

Cocoa: It contains load of flavonoids which are very useful in cardiovascular diseases. You can make some good drinks from it which you can take after meal as dessert. Cocoa is very good for heart.


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