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A wing piece gave rise to the research of missing MH370

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On 1st August, 2015, Saturday, a piece of Boeing 777 was found in an island of Indian ocean. And it was suspected to be of the missing flight MH370 which arrived on Saturday in a laboratory of France for research.

If the piece of the plane was of Malaysia Airlines, it could make the aviation experts confused since 16 months. The wing of two meter (6 and 1/2 foot) was protected by police from Paris and brought to the laboratory of defence ministry situated at the city of Toulouse of Southwestern cities. The piece was identified to be a flaperon and it came by flying overnight from French island named La Reunion. The piece was found in the beach of Saint town last week. Then it was moved from the Orly Airport of Paris to the laboratory.

The flight MH370 was disappeared on 8th March, 2014 on the way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing flying with 239 people. Experts of Malaysia and France would start analysis on Wednesday as informed from source. The deputy transport minister of Malaysia, Abdul Aziz Kaprawi told to AFP that he believed to move to solve the mystery of the missing flight MH370. Boeing, the giant of US aerospace said on Friday that they would provide technical experts to France to analyse the piece of plane.

The photograph of the pice of the plane was showing the number as “657BB” which is proving that belong that to the Boeing 777 as told by Aziz. Malaysia officials have arranged meeting on Monday with French Magistrates and an officer of Civil Aviation from France would come for investigation. The laboratory of Australia which is specialist in air crash analysis  also researched for long 16 months. Martin Dolan, the Australian Chief Commissioner of Transport safety department is the leader of this research.


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