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After Samsung Galaxy Note 7, this phone has started exploding

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We all know that the recent incident happened with Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but just one or two days ago, another Samsung phone jumped into the list of exploding phones.

Well, it was a Singapore-Chennai Flight of Indigo, when the incident happened.

Actually, as per as safety regulation, passengers are asked to either switch off or put their phone on flight mode but one passenger forgot to do so.

During mid-flight, smoke started coming out from the overhead compartment.

Flight attendants were alerted, who immediately used a fire extinguisher to handle the situation.

As another step, to avoid further danger, an air hostess put the phone in a bowl full of water and kept it in the washroom.

The pilot immediately informed about this ‘mishap’ to the ATS.

Everything went normal and eventually flight landed normally.

Now you must want to know which phone it was. Well, it was Samsung Galaxy Note 2.


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