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‘Alien’ Skull Skeleton Found In Russia

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A skeleton with an elongated skull discovered in Russia’s Stonehenge. And this has sent UFO watchers in frenzy since it looks like an ‘alien’ skull.

The human-like skeleton is being touted as being of an alien that visited Earth about thousands of years ago. This view of alien hunters is however not shared by archaeologists who believe the skeleton is of a female belonging to a tribe that bound their heads to elongate it.

Maria Makurova, a researcher, told the Russian media that the skeleton found was well preserved and in all probability belonged to a Sarmati trible woman living in the area where Ukraine, Kazakhstan and southern Russia stand in today’s times. The tribe used rope to tie the heads of children as part of their tradition thus explaining the elongated skull that was found.

Those believing in extra-terrestrial life however refuse this theory and believe that if the tribe did follow such a tradition it might be to mimic aliens that visited the area. Archaeologists are still unearthing the reason for the tradition of skull-lengthening.

The skeleton was found at a site called Arkaim, according to photographs, but the age of the skeleton does not seem as old as that of the site which is 4000 BC. The bones of the skeleton are estimated to date to 200-300 AD, thus amounting to less than 2000 years old. The archaeological site Arkaim was found in 1987.


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