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All new mothers are not advised for infant care and breastfeeding in the US

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Medical evidences have already proved the huge benefits of breastfeeding.  It has been shown how breastfeeding can help in preventing cot deaths.

However, despite the proven results all new moms in the US are not getting enough advice on breastfeeding their infants. Some doctors in the US are not advising the new mothers, as per different researchers.

According to one survey that was done on 1,000 plus new moms it has been found that approximately 20% of the new mothers did not get any guidance on infant care as well as breast feeding. And these advices are necessary for reducing the death risk of infants due to sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS.

It has also been surveyed that many mothers have not been guided about the fact though it is safe sharing a room with a new born but it is not the same when it comes with its bed.

Dr. Staci R. Eisenberg said that it is really important for a physician to communicate vital information to patients who are new. Dr. Eisenberg is a renowned pediatric at Boston Medical Center. She also said that there is a true scope to engage the media along with the families in promoting the health of the infants.

Dr. Eisenberg along with researchers from Yale University, Boston University, and Boston Medical Center conducted the study on 1,031 new mothers.

As per the study the advices of physicians to the new mothers should be in accordance with the necessary recommendations that are the American Academy of Pediatrics or AAP. But the advices on using a pacifier and breastfeeding were not in tune with the guidelines of AAP. The first-time moms along with the Hispanic and the African Americans were likely to get advice about care of infants when comparing to white women as well as mothers of two or above kids.


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