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Ant Man tops box office

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Ant Man is a box office success. However, ‘Ant-Man’ isn’t at par with other big super hero flicks like Thor, Captain America and Iron Man as all of them performed way better in their respective solos.

Going into the weekend, some trade analysts estimated “Ant-Man” to exceed $60 million, but its inaugural is comparable to “The Incredible Hulk,” which went on to earn an inaugural $55 million on its way to make $134 million U.S. haul. ‘Ant-Man’ results Marvel’s 12th repeated first place inaugural with a substantial $58 million at the weekend box office.

The film has been produced with a budget of $130 million on the story of a thief who becomes a hero after putting on a suit that gives him the powers of an arthropod. This super hero film will depend heavily on foreign audiences for booking profits. Internationally, “Ant-Man” has opened in 37 markets, including Mexico, the U.K., France and Russia.

Dave Hollis, chief of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures distribution confessed that he wanted the movie to do a bit better, however he still applauded Marvel for being consistent.

Hollis said that no one else could take such an obscure character and present it in such a huge way. He also said that it was a signal that they were doing correct and the brand in itself had vast momentum.

The film was released in the United States in 3,800 theaters, with the breakdown of 3,100 3D screens, 361 IMAX screens, 388 large format screens and 133 D-Box screens. As of July 19, 2015, Ant-Man has earned $58 million in Northern America and $56.4 million in other zones, for a global total of more than $100 million. The top openings were the UK ($6 million), Mexico ($5.6 million) and Russia ($4.9 million). It had the largest inaugural for a first part of Marvel film in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and Singapore.


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