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Apple is making a car

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It is rumored that a major car is built by Apple which has got popularity. The iPhone owner talked to the makers of a big car tester about the facility.

Documents said that an engineer of Apple, Frank Fearon, told to officials in GoMentum Station that 20 miles roads and military facility would be needed to schedule the time for test track. This station has 5000 acre in total and this is situated near Concord of Calif. The station was the former station for Navy weapons. The website of Apple stated that the best secured test facility could be got in this station only throughout the world. Honda had also done test drives of their autonomous vehicles before.

But making a contract of test driving facility at this stadium does not mean that Apple was working on the car projector something electric or autonomous. Actually the documents stored in this particular story have not mentioned any vehicle. Apple could make test drive for any self driving or electric car. They might also do the testing of some technology which might be applied in some self driving cars of other vendors. They might continue some research work of functionality of connected cars.

The Guardian article was not the ultimate report. It might be a rumour regarding Apple Car. Another rumour was that, ezperts were appointed in the automotive department of Apple in February. They might be in secret lab of Silicon Valley. Another rumour was that, Apple was supposed to take over Tesla in market. Steve Jobs also commented that he could want in the car market very soon.

So some unknown sources and documents are airing lots of rumours about Apple Car. But all these rumous could be assured with proper information from some proper sources. The followers of Apple will have to wait to get assured.


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