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Arjun Tendulkar is the new weapon for English Batsmen in the Ashes

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Sachins’s son Arjun Tendulkar has put an effort in preparing the English batsmen against the Australian seam attached with his left arm seam. The Ashes always used to be one of the biggest rivalries in the history of cricket and Sachin was never a part of it.

Arjun could become the strategic part of England’s success in the Ashes and change their fortunes before the second test in the biggest test tournament in the world.

Englishmen were facing deliveries from this young 15 year old left arm seamier at the Lords, which is quite famous to assist swing bowling. His exclusive line and length of bowling left the England batsmen nodding their heads in respect to the little genius.

Alistar Cook believes that the Australians have excellent left arm fast bowlers which shall play a vital part in the second test of Ashes this year though they are leading the series by winning the first test. The practice session against Arjun’s left arm seam in the nets are proving to be quite fruitful.

Arjun was also seen to be taking tips from the great Wasim Akram, from Pakistan, who was known for his deadly swing bowling. He was left astonished with the passion and ability he saw in junior Tendulkar. He wished him success and taught him a few tips about the fitness he should focus upon and also swinging the ball into the right handed batsmen. He is only 15 years old and shall learn more as he grows old.

It is no doubt important to say that the Englishmen will ultimately be thankful to a junior Tendulkar after they face the brutal Aussie pace attack steaming at them in the second test in the world’s biggest tournament The Ashes.


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