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Baby born with two heads died after mother took him from hospital

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A 20-year-old mother was left in shock when she knew that her new-born baby had two heads, sadly the baby died after hours of birth because she (her mother) took him to home from hospital.

It has been reported that the 20-year-old unnamed mother delivered a baby at JNU Medical College, India, but the baby wasn’t normal as it had two heads.

Knowing the situation, the mother became little depressed and took her baby from the hospital and sadly after few hours the baby died.

Dr. Jai Prakash Narayan, who operated the baby, said: “the baby was born normally with weight around 2.5 KG, but after few minutes, it suffered some breathing issue”.

He added, “An operation is possible in some cases of conjoined twins but here it was nearly impossible”.

Sad to say that the baby died eventually.


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