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Benefits of Doga – Yoga with Your Dog

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Now combine your love for your dog and yoga into one-Doga! The practice incorporates dogs into yoga sessions and exercises.

Yoga involves intense mind and body awareness achieved through various meditative exercises and breathing techniques. Some forms of yoga focus on the physical exercises while others focus more on the meditative elements. Doga triggers deeper connection between humans and dogs.

Suzi Teitelman, a yoga instructor from Florida, created Doga. It’s a simple regular yoga regime that incorporates pets, particularly dogs. You work out while bonding with your dog. Doga is unique at it creates a synchronization and harmony of energy flow between the owner and dog. Doing yoga with your dog strengthens the natural bond between the “dogi” and the “yogi”. It reduces anxiety and relieves stress, thereby creating a stress-free bond.

Since, doga classes allow you to bring your dogs to yoga, you do not have to feel guilty and worry about leaving them at home. Dogs also benefit from doga irrespective of their participation. What matters the most is that they pick up your energy. You can then incorporate your dog into your yoga routine.

Large dogs can be helpful as a yoga bolster while the small dogs can be incorporated as weights. Larger dogs can be used for stretches. Let your dog stand far enough so that you stretch yourself harder in order to reach him.

During your stretch, give your furry friend lots of rubbing and patting. Practice gentle yoga postures on the floor with your dog on lap or beneath you or besides you. Practice mindfulness, slow down, nourish your soul and mind and connect in the moment with your best dogi friend.

Some critics feel that yoga is a deeply spiritual practice and incorporating dogs really trivializes it.


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