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Bobbi Kristina Brown passed away at 22

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Finally, the chaotic and brief life of Bobbi Kristina Brown ended leaving her father and other family members in grief. Bobbi, the daughter of the megastar and legendary Whitney Houston, has really never had a peaceful life.

In fact, her life was shadowed by fame as well as litigation. It was also shattered when she lost her mother suddenly. Overwhelmed by demons as well as achievements of other Bobbi could hardly figure out her individuality. And she passed at this younger age without living a satisfactory life. She inherited enough but of all the inheritances her death was the most awful.

Bobbi Kristina breathed her last died on Sunday. She died at Peachtree Christian Hospice that is in Duluth, Georgia. For past six months she was in hospice care. The Office of Fulton County Medical Examiner had confirmed death of Bobbi Kristina Brown on Sunday night. The office is set issue news release about Bobbi’s death on Monday.

Six months ago Bobbi was found in a bathtub. She was unresponsive and was in a face-down position. She was found in a townhome that Bobbi shared with a person called- Nick Gordon. Bobbi called Nick as her husband.

As per police a Bobbi was found on Jan. 31. And as per a police report it was a drowning case. Bobbi was the sole child of Whitney Houston and her husband Brown. Surprisingly, she was found in the same way as her mother Whitney who passed away suddenly three years ago.

Bobbi had her dreams too. She said to Oprah Winfrey in 2012, after the death of her mother that she intended to continue the legacy of her mother by dancing, acting, and singing.


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