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Brain and Spinal Cord Injury might be regenerated with the latest research

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Over the years it has been witnessed that a lot of injuries have been healed with the latest medical science but an affected spinal cord is quite wayward. A team of researchers in the University of South Carolina have come up with the new advanced distinctive healing mechanism of the axons that might be harnessed to regenerate nerves of the brain and the vertebral column.

Kalinski and Twiss have been in such studies for years and have done wonders to medical science. They concluded that these RNA messengers play a significant role in regenerating the peripheral nerves. The main objective lies in increasing the speed of the movement of these peripheral nerves so that the restorations of damaged nerves are fast and quick creating the essential proteins in these cells.

Twiss, a very well-known professor over the years, has disclosed some molecular details of the recovery of the nerves in the periphery. They are still researching on the fact that how these nerves create proteins, which is the most fundamental part of cell rebuilding in a human body. The RNA’s from the nerves mix with the axons to build these proteins.

This study will actually lend a huge support in the field of restoring damaged nerves in the brain and the vertebral column. A vital research is still required to know more about this hidden truth and can be of great help in the future.


This is the first time that a study at such molecular level has been done and some nerve grafting has given positive results in animals. Understanding the reformative properties of these molecules is what they are trying to search out and there still might be an easier way to do this without using someone’s peripheral nerves.


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