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Brazilian Man risks his life by injecting ‘oil’ to look like HULK

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Few people have so weird addiction that they don’t even bother to think about their lives.

Well, here is another man, who is risking his life by injecting ‘oil’ in his muscles, in order to make himself look like the real life incredible HULK.

#1 Meet 48-year-old, Valdir Segato, who injects potentially lethal oil in his muscles to get a better result.

#2 His obsession towards ‘weird bodybuilding’ started around five years ago and since then he started injecting the liquid.

#3 In these five years, he has doubled his arms from 12 inches.


#4 He is locally known as ‘He-Man’ (another comic star) and ‘The Monster’.

#5 Despite every good thing, doctors suggest him to stop injecting liquid as it could be lethal for his LIFE.


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