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Businessman finds iPhone in working order after falling from plane

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A businessman got surprise of his life, when he saw the iPhone which was actually had fallen from the plane from 9,300 height, was perfectly in working order.

It’s been reported that the businessman, Ben Wilson, owner of Gas Corporation of America, was travelling home from Houston to Wichita Falls, Texas, in his Beechcraft Bonanza single-engine plane, when he had the unfortunate accident in which he lost his iPhone.

He said it’s all happened just because the plane’s door got suddenly opened for around three inches, causing the ‘wall street journal’ and the phone fall, in the mid-air.

After reaching home, he told the whole story to his stepson, John Kidwell, who decided to try to trace the phone, if its signals were still alive.

He used ‘find my phone’ app, and he left amazed as the device was showing on the map.

They both then traced the signal and found the phone, around 90 miles from their home.

Wilson added later that the phone was completely in working order despite of few scratches and that only on its corners.


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