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Businessman lost 99% of his wealth but still he was happy: Inspiring Story

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A businessman, who was once richer than tech giant Bill Gates, has shared his story of losing 99 percent of the wealth.

Well, we are talking about Masayoshi Son, the second richest person in Japan, who was richer than Bill Gates for three days and in those three days, his net worth was increasing by $10 million a day.

He recently said at a summit, “I was rich, but I wasn’t happy. Whenever I went to shopping, I felt no joy”.

He added, “It’s actually sad to be rich”.

But his life got changed when his company suffered a 99% loss, with its market value decreased to $2 Billion from $200 Billion.

He added then “I was happy after the loss as I had work to do, now I started feeling the joy of work”.

His company, the SoftBank group, is investing a huge sum in the several startups like Ola Cabs, Oyo Rooms, and Snapdeal.


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