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Cancellation story of 3 daytime shows of MSNBC

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We all came cross the story of MSNBC dated on July 30, where the buzz had been spread all over that MSNBC has finally ended up cancelling 3 daytime shows.

Not only this, it was also directed by The Associated Press that Ari Melber, last week, was positioned as chief legal correspondent of the network. He was named about this position in the month of April itself. Let us take a look into the same story once again, however this time the version being corrected.

Struggling MSNBC calls off daytime shows

Struggling MSNBC cancels 3 daytime shows with moderate slant, replacements. And it is now to heed more attention towards news as coming from The Associated Press.

On Thursday, Thursday stated that it will soon be cancelling revoking its afternoon programs and also three of them, division of the network-wide shift to a straightforward news paying notice towards he daytime hours.

At around 5 p.m. lengthy hours program that was being hosted by Ed Schultz and at 4 p.m. by host Alex Wagner. Both of them were axed as the “The Cycle,” which was aired at around 3 p.m. together with hosts Abby Huntsman, Ari Melber Krystal Ball, Toure, and Krystal Ball.

One of the people who had a long history associated with MSNBC was Schultz. In fact at one point of time, he worked as a prime-time personality there and then consigned to weekends; finally he was bought back for the show. Phil Griffin the president of MSNBC stated that he will soon be department ways from the network.

MSNBC will still have Wagner as their political reporter while Melber will continue wok as the chief legal correspondent of the network; he had gained this spot in the month of April. Huntsman, Ball and Toure will be quitting the network. The shows were displayed from a moderate standpoint.


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