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Cody finds it is annoying hanging out with Selena Gomez

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Cody Simpson, the rising singer is well known for his talent. He was also known as the ex-boyfriend of Gigi Hadid.

The singer of ‘New Problems’ spoke some rough and harsh words about the sweet star singer and girlfriend of Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez. They are known as ‘Jelena’ together and this couple is regarded among the strange couples of Hollywood. Cody is young, he is only of 18, and he was harsh about this 23-year-old star.

He made these comments about hanging out with Selena Gomez on 16th July. Though Cody is such a sweet guy, he used hard words this time about this ‘Good For You’ singer.

Cody has expressed that it is very ‘annoying’ to hang out with celebrities. This is the reason for which he never likes to go out with the celebs. Mostly it is his common preference to go with his normal friends, the closer ones. He adds that his friends will naturally feel something different when he takes a celeb musician along with them. Still Cody likes to be with others as well as everyone. It was told because of the moment when they were having ice cream altogether.

It is not a little problem at all if Cody finds it different to enjoy hangouts with her. Her love, rather first love, Justin Bieber is there. Selena’s birthday is coming up. But she has not planned yet anything special about the day.

In fact, she is unwilling to plan anything. It is so because she is expecting a romantic vacation from her boyfriend. If somewhat Justin Bieber fails in fulfilling her wish, her friends are there to make her ‘birthday’ more special. But, naturally it is Selena’s first and foremost choice to go out with Justin for a lovely trip.


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