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College Research Study Discovers Six New Species of Spiders in Kerala

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The Biodiversity Research Centre of Christ College in Irinjalakuda, Kerala carried out a research study. And they identified six new spider species.

The species were spotted close to the Aluva Sivarathri manappuram banks at Harithavanam. The same team had been successful in discovering new spider species in a previous research study too and this was their second successful endeavour.

The genus under which the new spider species are to be listed are as follows- Dendrolycosa, Argyrodes, Chrysso, Trachelas and Tetragntha.

The characteristic features and description of the genus is as follows-

Dendrolycosa- The spiders under this species have prominent spines on the legs and the brown body features white lines. The spiders devour insects found in water bodies and the eight eyes of the spider are placed in inverted pattern forming a U shape in two rows.

Argyrodes- The most venomous spider in the world, the black widow spider is associated with this genus.

Chrysso- This genus is identified by characteristic brown-coloured legs and the body being glossy black. These spiders are small and similarly build tiny webs between blades of grass in a bid to catch prey.

Trachelas- The physical features of this genus includes the presence of eight eyes that sparkle like diamonds and are situated on the dark brown head in the anterior. Another distinguishing feature of this genus is that they mimic members of the ant family.

Tetragntha- Of the spider species, two belong to this genus. The first spider is yellow in colour with long jaws and the back of its abdomen has four black spots. The joints of the legs have characteristic black bands. The second green coloured spider has long jaws and is covered with white coloured scales that are white coloured on its dorsal surface.


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