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Contribution of North Korean band in music

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Kunlun International Hotel has a rock band of seven North Korean girls. They presented nice performances as many Chinese hotels do.

Kunlun is decorated with round beds and dance pools like other hotels. The North Korean band performs many anthems and other socialist classics every day in the hotel and entertains audiences. This band is very much similar to the band of Moranbong who achieved success because the members are selected and trained by the leader named Kim Jong-Un.


Imitators coming from Pyongyang are entertaining people in the towns of Chinese border. They are giving genuine entertainment instead of novelty value in the restaurants of North Korea. A band which doesn’t have their own name performs in a silver of China situated between Russia and North Korea in a hotel named Hunchun.

These North Korean performers perform traditional folk of Korea and also patriotic tunes on the stages of the hotels. The performances were associated by using howling electric guitars, thumping bass lines and heavy drums. These singers also gain praise from audiences. A tourist Zhao Dongxia said that North Korea really needs improvement like China.

Many of the performers have completed degree from music colleges. The singers are dressed as disco style and they have fast tempo in singing also. Some of them also work as waitress in the same hotel to earn more money. In addition to that sometimes they get tips from audiences. Some singers wear red and white uniforms and perform singing with dance also.

All artists show deep ride for their country i.e. North Korea. The previous pinnacle of North Korean music, the Unhasu Orchestra was disbanded in 2013. Kim had four members with firing squad but Pyongyang has not commented regarding this issue. Kim has been graduated from Won-Gyun Pyongyang University in music. However bands of North Korea have remarkable contributions.


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