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Couple Thrown Off the United Flight after They sat on Wrong Seats

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It was not the first case of worse customer handling by the United Airlines crew and this time they threw off a couple who were going to their own marriage.

According to the reports, Michael Hohl and his fiancé, Amber Maxwell, were traveling to Costa Rica from Salt Lake City in United flight.

They had a layover at George Bush International Airport and at the time boarding next flight, they waited so that everyone could board first.

Once getting in, they saw that a man was sleeping on their seats, so they decided to not to disturb and instead sit on next empty seats.

Suddenly, the flight attendant came and asked them to get back to their seats.

They calmly did what they asked but moments after a U.S. Marshal came in and asked them to be removed.

Couple knew what happened to Dr. David Dao on refusing and hence left the fight calmly.


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