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Dad Pleaded Guilty of Abusing Three Year Old Daughter

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A dad is found guilty of abusing his three-year-old daughter which eventually became the reason of her death.

It has been reported that the dad Matthew Lee Williamson has admitted the crime of abusing her daughter for the multiple times, however, he refused the allegations of sexual abuse and harming his kid.

The little three-year-old, Kyhesha-Lee, died in 2013.

The Brisbane Supreme Court heard and case in which it has been said that he used a big sex toy on her, punched in the stomach for several times and forced her to pose naked with him.

Refusing to these allegations, he admitted that he had used a huge rope to keep her locked inside a room and ignoring to take her to doctors when she was vomiting green.

A ‘psychological abnormality’ check has been proposed by the defense barrister.


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