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Dead man found in Demi Moore’s pool

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An unfortunate incident happened in Demi Moore’s swimming pool. A man of 21-year-old, was found dead in the swimming pool at Demi Moore’s Beverly Hills house on Sunday, 19th July, 2015.

Soon after getting the news, police reached the scene. They discovered the body of the drowned man. He was under the care of paramedics and was announced dead on the spot. It was said that when the incident took place Demi and her kids were not present at her home. But a party was going on at her place. Though it is not known yet that by whom the party was thrown. At present, Demi Moore is still out of town.

This unfortunate accident is being investigated by police. It has been said by them that the young man did know to swim. But he fell down in the pool by slipping his feet. That man was invited by an assistant. And it has been admitted by the police that there was no foul play. A very little amount of alcohol was in the party as per the news by the source. And they added that neither Demi Moore nor her kids had thrown the party. It is true that the party was thrown at her place, but she was absent at the time of this incident.

In the weekend, Demi stated her feelings about the death of the man in her swimming pool. She was shocked to hear the sad news. Along with her daughters Demi was out of the town to spend some time in celebration of a birthday party. There she got the shocking news.

Demi expressed her grief on the death of that young man. A loss of a child is a priceless loss for his family and friends, she stated. She requested the authority to be sensitive in such an unfortunate loss.


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