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Death of 112 people in blade zone of China

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At the time of cleaning affected area authorities pulled bodies where death toll reaches 112. Injured persons were about hundreds and 85 firemen and 10 other people are lost.

This blast happens on Wednesday which hit a storage place for dangerous chemicals in an industrial place of Tianjin which is 120 kilometres or 75 miles from East Beijing. Over weekend days disaster zone is continued to rubble new explosions. On Saturday the relatives of lost firefighters appeared in Government conference to find clues of their beloved ones. In this incident about 21firefighters died.

It is reported that 700 tons of Sodium Cyanide has been stored in storage house and to clean that the authorities rushed. Upon the connection with water a toxic chemical Sodium Cyanide can make a contributable gas. According to the report, environmental official of Tianjin Wen Wurui said that the infection was not identified later Saturday. This question has been raised after this blast that whether these unsafe liquids were being stocked or not and these bad decisions uselessly sent firefighters into these places.


According to state media’s report on Saturday rescuers rescued a living person from a container. Another 56 years old person was rescued by soldiers who wearing gas masks. On Sunday that person was in a bad condition. Journalists, residents and others were kept outside around the 3 kilometres radius of the site. Checkpoints have been set up by military and police on roads which led to blast areas and in the sky helicopters were hovered. The chemical metallic smell of air would mix with rains and would create more explosions.

Zhou Tie, a firefighter, aged 19 years, was rescued on Friday and was moved to hospital. He stated that the fire was increasing and moving out of control.


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