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Enjoy Sports and Fashion? You Need these Activewear Trends

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There’s no doubt that there is a correlation between sports and fashion. With every year comes a new release of apparel for athletes by huge brands that promise increased performance and a better fit. With such a booming fashion economy, came the saturation of options for consumers to choose from. This broad selection has given birth to a few different fashion trends that we recommend you check out to not only boost your performance but also look fly while doing it. From joggers to leggings to swim briefs, this article is sure to expand your closet.

Trend 1: Joggers – Comfort & Functionality

Joggers are without a doubt some of the most comfortable pieces of clothing that mankind has ever created on this great blue/green ball we call Earth. Sorry for such a lengthy example, but it’s true. Joggers provide workouts with a free range of movement, adequate breathability to enable efficient climate control during a workout, and get this, they do all of that and continue to look stylish. Within the past few years, joggers have launched themselves as one of the most prominent trends in all the workout-attire fashion: so much so that people that don’t even workout own a pair of joggers.

Owning a pair of joggers will certainly make you the trendy athlete at your gym.

Trend 2: Swim Briefs – Sexy and Performance Enhancing

Swim briefs are the perfect piece of activewear for men while at the pool for exercise or leisure. Even though they’re slowly rising as a gym trend in the fashion communities, you’d be smart to go ahead and adopt the trend early. More and more men are slowly opening their minds to trying out their own pair of swim briefs. Swim briefs are undeniably sexy. Their revealing nature shows off muscles elegantly and offers little to no drag when swimming in water. This lack of drag increases performance in swim times and makes you appear to “glide” through the water.

While swim briefs are typically more popular in Europe, they are slowly conforming to an acceptable article in the United States. The reason they weren’t already popular is that many people were modest towards swim briefs, saying they were too revealing. However, as societies continue to become more accepting and focused on self-positivity, the swim briefs are equally rising in popularity.

Trend 3: Leggings for Men

This trend is even slower but is surely gaining traction, as society grows more accepting of different style choices: leggings for men (affectionately dubbed meggings). Mens leggings are comfortable, not too flashy, keep you warm, and ensure that you have all the appropriate range of motion for any workout. While initially growing in popularity from dance communities, athletes are slowly adopting leggings for their unmatchable freedom for movement.

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