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Excessive stress can cause white fat cells to change into brown fat

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In a recent research, it has been found out that excessive stress may lead white fat cells to alter into brown fat cells, which are energy burning cells. Similar findings were found earlier when stress effect was seen in animals.

According to Labros Sidossis, researcher at Galveston’s University of Texas Medical, if a human being faces a lot of stress beyond its capacity for a long period, their white fat turns into brown fat. The new findings were a result of research on burn victims. Therefore researchers believed that this phenomenon can be further processed to get future medicines for weight loss.

Both animals and human beings have similar fats which includes both white and brown cells. White fat gets collected around organs and causes problems like high cholesterol problem, heart diseases and diabetes. Brown fat, on the other hand, burns body calories in order to produce heat. It is a known fact that babies have a lot of brown fat which helps their body to remain warm as they do not shiver.

Researchers found in 2007 that adults do not have much brown fat except around their neck which is too little. Following further research work proved that some fats can convert or change into a different type of fat. 72 patients were subjected to research as they had suffered burn injuries and were traumatized by their experience and compared to 19 people who were not burned.  After fat samples from their bodies, they came to the conclusion that fat cells of burn victims changed gradually into the brown fats.

This transformation was not very fast or else the person can die. Rather it was over a period of time and also leads to lower sugar levels in their blood. Therefore it is possible that someday some drug or pill can be made using this phenomenon and help in weight loss of people with a lot of body fat.


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