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Experience of killer whales in deep sea diving

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The most exciting experience must be Deep sea diving. But Deep sea diving is related to so many hassles. To experience deep sea diving you need to spend time.

You also need money to get certified from SCUBA. You should learn the ways of dealing the emergency situations. Those emergency situations include the difference of death and life. The trainee also needs to wear dress which would fit like Brad Pitt was looking when he got beer gut.

If someone wants to experience the deep sea diving in an ocean by wearing a wetsuit, you can watch videos on Internet. But you don’t need to wear the special dress like deep sea diving then. Recently a video was posted on Internet by a diver of New Zealand. That diver recorded the entire excursion of swimming while he experienced orcas pod majestically.

The video was recorded by one of the student of Auckland University, named Sam Galloway. He said that while recording the video he was then on a trip of a spear fish in water of the ocean. The video was recorded in the Island named little barrier. There he and one of his friends experienced a killer whale. But some whales were friendly to each other.

Galloway said that the larger whale was no very interesting to all of them. But they got the chance to see those whales very closely. Though they experienced the killer whales, but it did not mean that those whales would create panic to all. Practically when those whales come close to human those turn out to be harmless while interacting.

The Guardian showed tragic incident in seaward in 2010. The film showed that a big killer whale had drowned his trainer and stated that those killer whales attack on human very rare. Till now around 24 incidents were happened like this from 1970.


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