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Extreme weight loss of EJ Johnson stuns everyone

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The world is astonished with the massive weight loss of the famous EJ Johnson as he showed it off while buying a new wardrobe in a black net shirt and shorts. On Sunday, at the third climax of a famous show for kids in Beverly Hills, he was the new hot shot around.

Son of the billionaire Magic Johnson, who is a famous basketball star, has almost lost weight more than 170 pounds almost dividing into half. Only 22, he was not shy to show his fantastic body renovation in a black net shirt and black shorts while he was shopping for a new wardrobe at a famous shop in town.

His flat stomach and slim looks surprised everyone around. He also tried to wear his black shorts high to highlight his leg muscles. The black leather jacket hanging loose and low made him look arrogant about it. A pair of combat shoe is a one of its kind. Dark shades and his blue wallet were spotted lately as he carried on with his purchasing and eating in a restaurant.

After his surgical procedure for gastric problems last September he has managed to become a super famous reality show figure with this astonishing weight loss. According to media he has been lately way from alcohol, engaged in eating boiled fruits and less sugar. He was also seen hitting the gym classes at least 4 times a week.

In the 3rd finale season he mentioned strongly that he has found a lot of positivity in his love life after losing body mass. He felt like a new man and it’s even entertaining to play with the novel looks and dissimilar outfits when you are out.


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