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Facebook is the best place for commercial ads

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Are you still wondering over the best medium to post your next commercial ad for business? Is it the good old television ad which you are thinking of or the newspaper with a big photo?

The latest research and statistics from the market of digital media and e-commerce marketing agency mentioned that businessmen are more interested in the frequency of the ads and commercials.

According to the recent study, Facebook has been ranked as the most trustworthy channel for content created by a brand or a company, more than newspapers, emails, TV and any other social network. TV and print advertisements however are still the most influential in driving new customers, ranking social media 3rd on the list.

Business and brands would do well to target customers on multiple platforms according to this. According to the study, 45 percent of consumers surveyed stated that it is more likely to shop from a band which is recognized from multiple media channels such as TV, social media and magazines, while on the other hand 28 percent said they’d be more likely to shop from the band online.

Recently it was found that 60 per cent of consumers said that they see too many ads advertised by the brands. TV series produced by a brand are more likely to be watched by consumers without any commercial interruptions as compared to TV content produced by a traditional company as said by 59 percent of the consumers.

Twenty-eight percent of consumers aged between 18-22 and thirty two percent of consumers aged between 23 -30  said that they would switch retailers if paying in social currency was an option which could be another effective way to reach customers, especially the younger generations.

Recent study has proved that social media is one of the keys in uplifting the advertisements of different brands.


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