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Family Seeking Help After Eight-Month-Old Daughter Become Three Stone

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She is just eight months old baby but her weight is way more than her age and doctors believe that this is all because of some rare health condition.

Well, we are talking about the little girl, Chahat, who is the second child of Suraj Kumar, 23, and Reena, 21.

Her dad explains, “During her birth, everything was normal, but soon we noticed that she’s gaining weight abruptly”.

“In mere eight months, her weight has reached to three stone and now, she has started having problems in breathing and sleeping”, he added.

Her mother said, “due to poor financial condition, we are unable to see a big doctor”.

As of now, the local doctor, who looks after little Chahat, said: “if we fail to do anything, the consequences might not be good”.


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