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Former tennis player calls to change the police’s way on dealing with public

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The former tennis player, James Blake, says on Friday that he wants to use the recent incident, in which he was wrongly thrown and handcuffed by police, to call for a change in the police’s way, while dealing with public.

It’s been reported that the player was standing outside the Grand Hyatt hotel, when police misunderstood him with some suspect in ‘fraudulent case’.

He was thrown and grounded by the police, before getting him handcuffed, said Blake.

However, for this incident, the NYC’s mayor and the commissioner already had apologies.

But the police on the other hand, said that they had every possible reason to believe the Blake was the one who had just committed a crime.

The former tennis star, who even once was in top 10 list, says that the police have to change their way of dealing with public, they should first ‘become sure’ on anything before acting so ‘hardly’.


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