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Health Experts Reveals What One Should Not Eat Empty Stomach

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When it comes to eating, we prefer mostly those things which seem tasty to us, but wait there are few things which one should not eat in the morning on empty stomach.

Here are the list of those things:

#1 Banana – Banana is very good for health but eating on empty stomach, increase the amount of magnesium in the blood, which is obviously not good for hearts.

#2 Yogurt – We often eat yogurt but we should know that eating on empty stomach, yogurt helps in producing hydrochloric acid, which eventually kills lactic acid of the body.

#3 Tomato – Tomatoes are rich in Tannic Acid, which eventually becomes the reason for Acidity and Gastric Ulcer if eaten empty stomach.

#4 Sweets – Sweets simply increases the pressure on pancreas by boosting insulin.

#5 Carbonated Drinks – It can cause digestive related issues.


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