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Jelly like elephant sized blob found underwater

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Sometimes a blob, which looks like jelly and an elephant, are seen by divers while diving to the deep of the sea. In the Mediterranean Coast near Turkey a sphere of 72 feet or 22 meters was seen in the below sea level.

It was sparkling like a glitter ball by seeing the flashlights throughout the surface. But an underwater photographer Lutfu Tanriover and a videographer had not seen anything like this. The Director of the NOAA, Michael Vecchione stated that those blobs are actually squid eggs and it’s nest. Michael was also the curator of the National Museum in the department of cephalopod in Washington.


Vecchione said that the divers who found such blobs were really lucky ones. Squids live in the water openly mostly far from coast. Vecchione told that there might be thousands of eggs in the deep of the water. Each egg was about 2 millimetres or 0.07 inches long. Those eggs mix in seawater easily and grow there. According to the estimation of the divers the blob was around 4m or 13 feet long in diameter.

Those egg nests are really rare finding but a grey cloud about 9.8 feet and 13.1 feet long was found in 2006 in the coasts of California. The egg mass was suspected to hold 2 million eggs as written by the researchers in a journal belonged to the Marine Biological Association of UK published in 2008. The squid ate fish and other small squids by snatching prey with the suckers of tentacles and then stuffed into beaks.


Scientists are not very sure about this egg nest below water as they have not seen such thing before. They are confused regarding the mixing process of sperms with eggs. Generally those eggs hatch within three days only while the young ones are developing.


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