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Kenya gets travel warning from the US Govt. before Obama visit

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On Monday, a travel advisory was issued from the end of the U.S.A. They warned Americans and all other tourists about probable dangers related to terrorist attacks since Barack Obama, the President of the U.S.A will be travelling later in this month to East African country.

Even though this alert signal has not been particularly been pointed towards anyone in particular, yet the U.S. Department of State still feel that there may be ‘terrorists” attack while Obama on July 24 to 26, will be visiting capital city of Nairobi.

It is expected that on the 6th annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit, Obama will probably be taking part. And the State Department was prompted to immediately state that there are possibilities of unlawful elements and that the terrorists might target the visitors and participants in the program. They also stated that public events held on a huge platform can pull in a lot of attention from the end of terrorists.

Before the visit of President Obama, last week, there have been several attacks already in Kenya, and more than twelve people have been dead already. This is the reason why, security concerns have been highlighted and finely tuned all over the country. Al-Shabab is the terrorist group, which has already claimed and taken responsibility for the killings that took place in the last week together with the sudden horrendous attack which had taken place in Garissa University. Sadly around 150 students were killed in the university by the militants.

Josh Earnest who is the press secretary at the White House stated that they will still ensure and be quite watchful so that all kinds of security have been set up tightly in Kenya and that they do respect the basic human rights of the people of Kenya. He also stated that they had already leveled such kind of reprimand to the Kenyan government on several other occasions.


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