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Kid of two in coma after an hit and run crash

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A toddler of two is in coma after a car driver didn’t stop and crashed him, causing the boy in air for 100ft down the road.

It’s been reported that the two year old, Jonathan Montes, was playing on Tuesday evening with his elder brother in their driveway in San Bernardino.

He then jumped out to road after seeing his uncle, on the other side.

Unfortunately, he got struck by a car, who didn’t bother to stop even after seeing kid on road, and kept driving.

His uncle explained that, the hit was so strong that the boy was in air for few moments. His mother immediately started performing CPR, until the paramedics arrived on spot.

The boy was then taken to hospital, where he went in coma.

Boy was youngest of five brothers in his family, who nicknamed him ‘junior’.

Police already has launched the search operation for the suspect and seeking information if anyone having.


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