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Man buys Google.com for few minutes just spending $12

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A man ended up buying the worlds most clicked website, Google.com, just for $12.

It’s been reported that the man, Sanmay Ved, a former Google employee, was searching the net for buying a new domain, when he thought to give a try of buying google.com.

He left surprised after discovering that the domain was available to buy, he immediately started the buying process.

He had in mind that when he would enter the domain in cart, it would show ‘error’, but it didn’t happen.

And finally he managed successfully buying the worlds most clicked website’s domain google.com and even received two confirmation emails from the company, from where he bought.

However, he received another email, minutes later from the Google, saying that they had canceled the ‘order’.

He as a responsible former employee of the company, informed security team of the company about the breach.


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