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Man Sends Threat Mail to Airport just to Stop Girlfriend from boarding flight

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Everything is possible in love and war.

Well, this phrase doesn’t go positively all the time.

A guy, just to stop his girlfriend from boarding flight, sent a fake hijacking threat to the airport, which ended up with his arrest.

It has been reported that the man, known only as Vamshi, from Hyderabad, India, wanted to stop his girlfriend from going to Mumbai and Goa tour as he could not join her.

So, he planned to send a fake hijacking mail to the airport, which resulted in a chaos at the Hyderabad Airport.

After the investigation, police found out that it was all planned by Vamshi, officers immediately arrested him.

Adding more twist, Vamshi was already married and having a beautiful daughter, which clears the fact that he was having extramarital affair.


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