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Man sold a note for $100,000 on eBay

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A man has recently sold his £5 note in whooping $100,000 on eBay but unfortunately the bidder who bought that note “hasn’t paid for it”.

It has been reported that the man, known as Gareth Wright, started the bid on eBay for rare number note (as per as his explanation) containing AK47 in it.

The note managed to attract more than 100 bidders with one bid of whooping, $100,000.

The bidder was reportedly some drug dealer and when he was asked to pay the amount for that “note”, he refused to do so.

Gareth said in a talk that he contacted the bidder after the bid got closed but in reply, the drug dealer asked him to “wait until his ‘cocaine’ shipment arrives”.

Well, that is really awkward.


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