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MMA fighter choked his fiance just because she brought ‘wrong noodles’ for dinner

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Bringing wrong noodles for dinner could be so much dangerous we didn’t know.

Well, we are talking about the MMA fighter, who was about to kill his fiance as she brought wrong noodles for the dinner.

It has been reported that the MMA fighter, Julian Wallace, better known as Julz the Jackal, was waiting for the dinner and his fiancee, Jessy Jess, who is also a MMA fighter, was little late.

But his anger crossed all limit when he found that she had brought the wrong noodles.

Well, that was it, he started kicking and punching her. He at some point choked her so badly that she was about to die.

Fortunately, she managed to flee from the place and informed police.

Police have launched an investigation to know what exactly had happened.


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