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Mom, Dad and New Born share same birthdate and it’s amazing

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The 27-year-old, Luke Gardener, never forgets his wife’s birthday. Well, the simple reason is, they both share the same date as a birthday.

But wait, what makes it news is, their new-born son also got born on this December on the same date.

Yes, now mom, dad, and the son share the same birthdate.

Luke said in a telephonic interview with a local news “we hadn’t planned anything, but when she got pregnant, we calculated the due date of December 15”.

“And our birthday was December 18th. So we both tried a bit and with help some exercises the baby got born on December 18th at 10.01 AM”, he added.

Adding more he said, “above all, it was just luck that our son got born on the same date”.


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